The aim of the institute must comply with the purpose for which the trainees take up the course. So before you enroll as a student in our institute, you had better have some basic ideas about Forex trade.

A simple comparison will enlighten you on the basics of Forex. This trade is basically similar to stock market where the profit depends upon the rise in the share values of different companies. But except for this basic aspect, there is hardly any similarity on the operational side. And, as for the volume of business, share market is nowhere nearer to Forex trade.

In the share market, people buy and sell shares of companies by speculation through proper monitoring of market situation. The same principle governs the forex trade also. Here, instead of buying and selling shares, the traders buy and sell currencies of different countries. Depending upon how prudently they use their experience and intelligence, people either gain or lose money. Shortly speaking, Forex trade is also a speculation business like share market business.

You can earn a good profit on a daily basis just by learning how to study, analyse and evaluate the market trend.