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Money is the basic necessity of life. There is no second opinion about it. Regular flow of a sound income ensures a life that is safe, happy, peaceful and meaningful. Fortunately the modern world has opened up many a new opportunity to earn a solid income for every one irrespective of age and education. Among them there is a handful of channels to earn lots of money easily. Forex trade is one among them. A proper training imparting a sound knowledge in forex trade can prepare a person to have a sustained income through regular participation in it.

Till recently people were thinking that forex trade was the prerogative of only the rich and corporate giants. This notion is undone now. The knacks of the trade have been made easier to be learned and practiced by anyone that shows interest in it.

Forex Training Institute has been started to take the trade to every common man and enable all to earn well and have an economic stabilization and progress.






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November 22, 2010

GAIN Capital’s Enhances iPhone Application

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., global provider of online trading
services specialising in foreign exchange (forex or FX) and
contracts for difference (CFDs), today announced...


It is very important that you understand what a pip is in the Forex trading because you will be using pips in calculating your profits and losses. A “pip” stands for “Percentage in Point”. A pip is the smallest price movement of a traded currency. It is also referred to as a “point”.

For most currencies a pip is 0.0001 or 1/100 of a cent. You may think it is a ridiculously low value. However, take into account that most currencies are traded in lots of $100 000. For that amount a pip is $10.